No more Indexation benefits for pure Debt mutual funds

In a major change in the finance bill 2023, the govt has brought some changes in mutual fund taxation which will now treat pure debt mutual funds on par with Fixed Deposits. Most of the investors were not very happy with this sudden change, how this change is now a reality and we have to […]


EPS 95 – Should you opt for higher pension?

Some of the employees recently got a notification from their employers that they have to give a “joint declaration” if they want to opt for higher pension in EPS or not? Let us try to clear the confusion on this. Background  So when a person gets a salary, there is a component called basic salary […]


10 major changes for salaried person in Budget 2023

Today we will be highlighting the important points from the budget 2023 that would be most relevant for the salaried people.  1. There is no change in the old tax regime. So first thing to know is that the old tax slabs remain unchanged. The slabs are same like last year which are as […]


5 priceless benefits of Financial Freedom

I’ve heard the phrase “financial freedom” several times in the previous 3-4 years. Every time I speak with a customer or an investor on various forums, it appears that “financial independence” has become the new catchphrase. So I decided to talk about it more today. What is Financial Freedom? Simply said, Financial Freedom is the […]


10 learnings from my personal fitness journey (with webinar form)

This article is dedicated to Late Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Sir. The article is not about him or on him, I just felt like dedicating to him. The article is written on health and trust me it has a direct connection with your overall life and wealth journey. We have trained hundreds of investors on retirement planning […]


Cashflow committed vs Networth committed – Which one are you?

I have seen two kinds of people in my last 12 yrs of experience in the personal finance domain. One is the Cashflow committed and another is Networth committed! Do you know which one are you!? What is a Cashflow vs Networth committed mindset? Let’s talk about these two kinds of mindsets. Cashflow committed Mindset […]


How to track your mutual funds & stocks in google sheet?

Today, I will share with you a very simple way of tracking your mutual funds and stock portfolio in google sheets. A lot of investors keep it simple and track their stocks and mutual funds portfolio in either a google sheet or excel sheet on their laptop. If you are someone who likes to keep […]


Last 10 yrs returns of various Equity mutual funds (category wise)

Most mutual fund investors get lost in the world of various equity fund categories like Large cap, Flexi-cap, midcap, small-cap, focused funds, multi-cap, and whatnot. Do investors keep wondering which category will provide the best returns over the long term? And in real life I have also seen most of the investors out of their […]


How to buy cheaper property in online auctions in India?

Today I will tell you about foreclosed properties and how you can buy them for lower than the market price. What is the meaning of Foreclosed Property? Many times, banks seize the properties when their owners fail to pay their EMI payments for a long time. These properties are called “foreclosed properties” and banks put them […]


10 precautions to take before transferring money to someone online deal

Online scams are on a rise in India for the last 5-6 yrs as the UPI and online transactions have increased over time. Recently a guy I know told me that he accidentally lost Rs 56,000 in online fraud. He wanted to go on a tour and when he searched online, he came across a […]


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